17 reasons Why I backpack.

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God knows how painful it was to be thrown out of the college after pursuing 3 years there. I did a mistake, failed a paper thus I was kick out. As much as I love traveling, I have to say that my failure has indeed played an important role. I left my country exactly the day I got the news.

So, why do I actually backpack for? 

1. I want to see the world. 

2. Challenged myself to be independent

3. I need a breather for my own life.

4. I was inspired by Fatt, Dr Sharul , Biqque and so many others.

5. Too many halal food in Malaysia. I wanted to feel the suffering finding one overseas.

6. People say you appreciate your life more once u travel. Just exactly what I wanted; to appreciate my life.

7. Too see crystal clear water in the sea. I have never seen any except when I swim in pool.

8. I want to have more friends. Foreigners that is. 

9. Culture excites me. 

10. Being a Muslim excites me to travel too. To see people’s reaction when I tell them am Muslim.

11. My desire for foreign languages is too strong. 

12. I NEED to make full use of my 40- 50kg Deuter bag. No dust collected. 

13. Being in place that is unfamiliar makes me happy. Somehow…

14. I want to eat and eat and eat; just for the reason that I won’t get these food in my country.

15. I have a dream to see all the Wonders of The World. I did visit one. 

16. I wanted to ride all possible public transport, train, bus and etc overseas.

17. I want to find myself, again.

These are some of the reasons why I backpack. Some might just be generic, I bet many travelers or backpackers have the same reasons. It is the excitement being out, lost, hungy, tired while seeing something that is totally different. It was all worth while. 

Author: Rayyan Haries

A Malaysian boy's journey becoming a man through his journey travelling and volunteering around the world.

24 thoughts on “17 reasons Why I backpack.”

  1. aku baru nak involved betul-betul dalam bab travel ni, before ni main-main jer,hehe..nway,back to all of ur reasons, totally agree wif u bro!!

    1. hahaha….ko ckp mcm nak buat business serious jer weh! hahaha….alaa…random2 jer pon bolej, bungkus bag, tukar duit JALAN! hihi…. thanks Orga!!! glad I shared the same reason with uuuu…

  2. salam

    @rayyan – tiap kali g travel jgn lupe niat untuk beribadah weh. dpt pahala. =D. bile travel tmpt yg kurang muslims, bile u usaha utk cr masjid/tmpt sembahyang, cari halal food, kita akan rs best sgt2kan? hehe

    tmpt plg best penah solat kat oversea katne? i kat pdg golf disneyland resort hongkong! cntik gile ok! hahahaha

    abbazsmakl@renalpathology@abbazeefwanderlust – gile byk nick aku ni. hahahaha

    1. Salam Abbaz! 😀

      Niat2 musafir weh!!! hahahaha… 😛

      seronok jumpa muslim negara lain, lain mcm bonding dia!

      Tempat paling best solat? Mestilah Phi Phi Don Island. Masjid tempat tsunami tuuu…peghhh lain mcm rasa solat kat situ abbaz..sebak sikit.. :’)

      Peggh ko sembahyang kat padang golf! gila kentang! haha

      U tu ni tak pernah nak sama…lain jer memanjang…kompius i! 😛

  3. Rayyan, I noticed you love to mentioned you are college dropout. Don’t be misunderstood with this. Just I read few of your post, you did mentioned few times of this. Well, like they said, Everything Happens For Its Reason. It’s good that you share the reason behind u love backpack/TRAVEL.

    I like Fie, not a backpacker but a trolley dolley. If you ask why I love to travel, I also can’t find the reason why. Let me think someday. Hahaha..Mainly because according to my birthday, I was born on the day that love to travel. I travelled via plane when I was born less than a month. Hehehe ^^

    1. Diana, I jsut wanna inspire all people out that. Failure is not a full stop, it’s a jumping point! yeah, it may be repetitive but that makes the entire of my current life now..hihihi…

      U guys a trolley dolley! 😛 wow, u can actually what theme of the day u were born? cool… u need to share with me. i think i was born on the same theme day! haha

  4. selagi ada kudrat pegilah bertebaran di bumi Allah ni…i believe one day you will find what you’re looking for, goodluck =)

    never stop exploring!

  5. Erm… Disebabkan aku tengok kau sangat suka tengok dunia. Aku cadangkan mohon untuk sukarelawan Unicef atau WWF atau mana2 organisasi yang banyak berjalan. ^_^

  6. Well am a backpacker too I don’t carry trolley make me uncomfortable. I am prefer to carry my Deuter backpack everywhere. Another tips if carry banyak barang especially baju lipat jer so banyak space 🙂

  7. ala aku takde la backpacking pun, carry bag kat blkg badan ada la hahahaha! tapi kitorang laki bini mmg suka la explore abis2an kat SEMUA tempat yg kitorang pegi. the reason why? sbb kitorang takkan repeat tempat yg sama.

    sok kalo nak kawin, sila cari bini yg suka travel ye? senang idup ko nak kuar berjalan2 merata alam 😀

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