i’m Tagged……

7 stuffs that you had interest in:

1. Blogging:my life:my escapism

2.Reading:crying and smiling alone is the best drug to make people say:
“eh, itu olang a gila apa?senyum2,nangis2 solang-solang!chi sheng!!”

3. EATING: I’m polluting my body with wonderful food in the world a.k.a very2 unhealthy food.Yum-yum! hungry ghost grin!

4. cooking: when you love eating, you must love cooking; its a combo.

5. singing: they said i have the voice.Daa!! hehehe….i just love to sing.nothing special about it.

6.observe: i’m an avid observant: i like to see what people are doing or talking. its very2 interesting though.

7.Usrah:( don’t get me wrong here k!i’m not pious!) its just something that i look forward to nowadays: be it face to face or online; just love it: talking about matters pertaining to our religion in a very relax way~lepak way!coolie!

7 books that you like:

1. God love Letters~ Al-Qoran Nur Karim

2. forbidden love by Norma khouri

3. hlovate’s collection

4.the kite runner by khaled hosseini

5. My story by Dave Pelzer

6. flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

7.twilight by Stephenie Meyer

7 foods that i adore right now:

1.Kimchi with hot rice

2. Bulgogi beef

3.Chicken Pie

4.Butterscoth and praline ice-cream

5.Black Raisin

6. Sour Soup

7. Cloud 9 plus

dearest bonnie, i don’t have any men and women that i interested in. So i change the subject to 7 stuff and books. Also 7 food that you adore right now.don’t get mad!hehehehe.

I’m tagging:

1. Sai


3. efi


5.Kak Mimi Glasgow

6. Arifuddin

7. Pajid

6 thoughts on “i’m Tagged……

  1. Zouq

    visiting u now, he..he.. weird to leave comment here, my 1st time ha..ha.. Better late than never.
    You’re visiting my blog actually, something I never thought about as the blog is known only for fews members only.. anyway, leave comment on da visit.. let me know you were there,, nice
    P/s : our class photo is cool rite!

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