21 Ways How I travel Cheap.

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Everyone has been asking me ” How the heck you spent RM 650 (approx USD 200) for 2 weeks of travel?”.I am not rich and I don’t have a shit loads of money in my piggy bank. I try to make use of my money to the max. 

So, here is 21 Ways How I travel Cheap :

1. There is one time I stayed at 5 Star Hotel (Grand Magherita, Kuching) for 5 days for only RM 100 (approx USD 35). I used AirAsiaGo.com , most of the times they have LITERALLY crazy sale.’

2. For flight, I used to fly for 1 Cent! You can try Fleapy to secure cheap flight from AirAsia. Sometimes KLM flight to Indonesia is cheaper than AirAsia, you make the judgement. 

3. I sleep most of the time in Hostel. Bunk bed and communal toilet. I love it! Check out HostelWorld and HostelBooker

4. Street food was my ultimate fuel. I spent no more than RM 10 (approx USD 3) per day.

5. I don’t shop fancy. I mean, I only buy postcard and mail it home. Cheap and meaningful souvenirs.  

6. I travel on the cheapest seat/coach on the train or bus.

7. I WALK most of the time. 

8. I make use my student card to the fullest. You can save a lot.

9. Don’t roam, buy the local simcard. Trust me, it’s cheaper. 

10. I make use of Free water, coffee, and breakfast at the hostel. This saves some of my money.

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11. Wash your own cloths, it’s cheaper and you get to gain some muscles. 

12. I go to Big supermarket to get my supply (mineral water, snacks and etc). Way cheaper than 7-11. 

13. Public bus in South East Asia is dirt cheap. Make full use.

14. Sometimes I buy the Tourist Pass (usually Unlimited rides of all public transport). 

15. Most Hostel has free Internet/wi-fi nowadays, I save on that.

16. Always travel like local, that way not only you save but you get to know the country well.

17. Make your own tour, don’t buy tour packages unless it’s cheaper that way. 

18. Check out places with free entrance, i.e museum, park and etc. 

19. If you have the Asian look, camouflage as native, you pay shitload cheaper to enter attraction places. 

20. Make friends, get attached and travel together. You can save on group activities. 

21.Bring your towel and toiletries from home.  

When you travel, it’s not “what I can save the most” but what I can see the most of the country. What backpacking allows you to do is that you get to see the real life of the people in that country. You save and experience the most! So go travel, it’s a lot cheaper and easier than you think. 

Author: Rayyan Haries

A Malaysian boy's journey becoming a man through his journey travelling and volunteering around the world.

30 thoughts on “21 Ways How I travel Cheap.”

  1. that part about Big supermarket, is true, very true!

    And if you loook closely at the canned food section, beneath all the squiggly local words, they’d be halal logo from their own halal depts.and sometimes there are hawkers with muslim descent; you can see that from the little “Allah” or “bismillah” logo pasted on his stand.

    but blending in with the local is a bit hard for a muslim woman.
    my cousin recently got harassed in Manila. not by filipinos, mind you, but racist american tourist. blergh.

    1. hahaha… we are big supermarket buyers! πŸ˜€

      Yeah, I found some halal food among all those scary i-dont-know-what food.haha..

      Yeah, but if you are in Indonesia that would work!;)) wink2..

      Blerghhhh…that is not niceee…some westerners think they are king when they are in Asia.. hope u meet some good whites soon! πŸ˜€

    1. Am honoured by you guys commenting here! All i did was just sharing about my experiences using fleapy. It has always been an aaaawesomeee application.

      Hahha…all the tips here are from my personal experiences! I hope they will find it beneficial! πŸ˜€ hehhee

  2. You didnt mention RM650 for 2weeks of travel to ….? (what country)
    I personally think u should specify which country just to clear the air πŸ˜€

    I doubt you can survive in Japan or Denmark with RM650 for 2 weeks? the railpass alone will cost u a bomb! and not forgetting the hostel with average 15-20 Euro per day in europe and 700-1500 yen in Japan (for example je la), dont u think?

    (I’m just being curious heheheh)


  3. Hello Rayyan,
    Nice to know that we have something in common.
    I did the same thing when I went backpacking to UK/Dublin.
    I went alone. Yep, a solo-woman-traveler.
    Stayed at hostels, book advanced train ticket, buy local simcards, buy food at Tesco Hypermarket (I actually went to the bargain corner). What I am trying to say is that most of the things you’ve listed are practical not just for traveling in South East Asia but also in Europe.

    I wrote about my travels in my book : http://www.ujanailmu.com.my/pd-kembara-sastera-nisah-haron-tandatangan.cfm.

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