Paris is SO DANGEROUS. Just don’t visit it!

It’s true when they say Paris is so dangerous,  I was a victim of their heinous crimes too. Now that I think of it, I shouldn’t have even have the thoughts of coming to Paris.

Parisians are RUDE.


Oh they are sooo rude that they stopped drinking their coffee to help this poor traveller looking for Eiffel Tower. They also “rudely” give away a perfect stranger their wifi password for him to contact his friend! How rude is that, right?!

See, rude people exist everywhere, not only Paris. I’ve seen some rude racist people in Japan (yes, a country known for it’s politeness). Also remember that politeness and respect is a two way street, if you expect them you gotta give them.

People will pickpocket and rob yo! 


They will pickpocket your heart and emotions with their gorgeous, handsome looks.  They will rob your views away from the historical building! My advice, just look down and don’t look anywhere else!

It might be true that Paris has its fair share of pickpockets and petty crimes but so does other big cities. The key here is to always be vigilant with your stuff. 🙂 

They will scam you, dry! 



They will scam away all your Euros from you, believe me, they do it with their pastries. You think one is just enough but you kept wanting more and more! The moment you bite into your croissants and pan au chocolate, you willingly give away all your Euros!

To be honest, I did saw one of these scams at the airport today. Ignore, do the  “talk to the hand” gesture and walk away like a diva. Always work. 😛

It smells so BAD! 


It does! Everytime I walked past by a Boulangerie Patisserie, I have to cover my nose because the delicious butterry-sweet-smell of freshly baked pastries and bread will distract me from my really intention! Paris, you should do something about this very very “horrible smell”!

Pee smell is NOT everywhere, you will get more pastries smell though. 

I had a great time in Paris. Maybe I need to give it more to time to truly understand the real Paris but my four days in France was nothing short of amazing. I hope you all read it with a light heart and laugh it out with me.

Thank you Malaysia Airlines for flying me via Paris for me to connect to Greece for The Volunteer Cook Greece. 🙂 

The best Travel Insurance for Malaysian – AIG Travel Assist!

I was introduced to travel insurance when I started volunteering for All Hands Volunteers in the Philippines in 2013 where I was required to have a travel insurance to cover my work in the post disaster zones. Being a frequent traveller, now I understand how important it is to have a travel insurance (It is a life saver when you fall sick in a REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE country!).

A lot of Malaysians rarely get travel insurance thinking that their at home insurance covers it but in most cases they don’t. It is always best to check with your insurance provider if they cover you while you are abroad and how much the coverage for. AIG Travel Assist travel insurance is great for Malaysians wanting to go travel abroad and domestically in Malaysia.

The coverage area for AIG Travel Assist and testimonials!
The coverage area for AIG Travel Assist and testimonials!

Before I left for Malaysia for India, I knew I have to get a long-term travel insurance so that I don’t have to buy them every time I go to different country. That is when I was introduced to my awesome AIG Insurance Agent – Andy Marvin George! My travel plans have always been almost adhoc and spontaneous most of the time so when I wanted to get my Travel Insurance, Andy was in Korea. He was so efficient that he got it done while he was waiting to board his flight from Incheon Airport, talk about dedication!

The price range for AIG Travel Assist for Malaysian.
The price range for AIG Travel Assist for Malaysian.

I realized how important travel insurance is for Malaysians after being trapped in the Nepal Earthquake myself. I needed to get out from Nepal because I had a flight from India to Japan and everything I owe was in the school in India. Everything was kinda shut down after the earthquake and we had so many dangerous aftershocks. So when Andy first saw my update from Nepal saying that I am okay after the big Nepal Earthquake, he immediately asked if I needed any assistance. Since the phone was down and all I had was internet (thankfully!) so we talked a lot on Facebook and all. When the phone line was restored, he got AIG Travel Assist call centre to call me and help me through. He even called me personally to make sure am alright.

I still remember when I heard their voices “Hello Mr Rayyan, firstly I am glad to hear your voice. Are you alright? Are you injured? Where are you?” That were some of many questions they asked and they were genuinely concerned about my well being! I was so relieved to hear their voices. It did help me to calm down for a bit. They did everything they can to help me out. It was really helpful to have someone think about the best options for you when you have no access to stuff from the ground. AIG Travel Assist is really there to assist!

Our relieved faces after finally being able to return to India!
Our relieved faces after finally being able to return to India!

I still thinks that Andy is a different kind of agent, he really cares about you even after he sells you insurance so you can rest assure that he will take care of you! I definitely recommend AIG Travel Assist for Malaysians looking for travel insurance. If you are interested to get your own travel insurance for Malaysian, you can contact Andy by emailing him at or just inbox him on facebook!

People I met while backpacking Ep1.

Usually when you travel,what do you look forward most? The food, the attractions, or the country? I personally love meeting people, as much as I love eating.  For me the people I met while I travel co-author my backpacking tales. They are the colours to my painting. Some are really good people, some are just friends and some who call themselves family-to-me.  I have to admit that I met some bad ones too… part and parcel of life eh?

So far, I’ve only backpack to five Asian countries; Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei (solo traveling  or with my sisters). Maybe my experience is not as much as people who have traveled their whole life, but it is enough for me to at least understand people a lot better then before.
The Travel Penguins. 

How did I meet these people and finally calling ourselves The Travel Penguins? By chance and love for traveling I must say! I seriously admire them from their blogs, we kept tweeting each other. Sharing traveling tales and whatnot till one day it was fated that we were meant to meet and travel together! All thanks to the Kuantan, Pahang trip and the crazy night at Teluk Chempedak Beach, I am happy to call them, my traveling family. :’) 

This is to the crazy bunch of Travel Penguins Jard, Fie and Lily! 

Krabi: revisited on the road to Ayutthaya.
What Tsunami has to do with a banana-pineapple smoothie? It looks like a far off connection eh? Well, I’ve been to Krabi, Thailand twice this year and I will never miss getting my dose of banana-pineapple smoothie from this one particular roadside stall by the Krabi River.

I still remember the old lady who manned the stall, the same lady who told me how she was there during the Tsunami and how bad it was as well how she coped with losing her family. I sat there the whole night listening to her despite her poor command of English.   Well, the drink she made was great. The 1st time I was there, in one night, I drank 6 glasses. It was that good! 

Fast forward 6 months after that, I was on my way to Ayutthaya and decided on a detour to Krabi. Little that I expected that the same lady, the same stall will still stand there. And the best part  is that she remembered me, and in tears she excitedly said in her thick Thai accent “You comeback! You comeback ! Banana smoothie?” .

I couldn’t resist giving her a tight hug, knowing that she still alive and healthy just made me happy. 

More stories on people I’ve met while I backpack in another episodes. Till then, keep on traveling peeps! 😀

Ramadhan Backpacking.

Hello, been a while since I last went for a backpacking trip overseas.  So, this Ramadhan with the spirit of musafir (traveler) I am planning for another trip. This time around, am not going solo tho, I have 2 passionate travel bloggers who (forced)^^ me to take them along.  Welcome onboard Jard and Thristhan! 😉

We are planning on doing overland Thailand all the way up to Northern Thailand. The route is as follows:

Kuala Lumpur- Hatyai- Surat Thani-Bangkok-Chiang Mai

As usual, me being the cheapskate backpacker, am aiming on spending not more than RM 400 (USD 126) for about 7 days of traveling. I might just keep traveling for here on, like work here and there, and move? Any donation is welcome! ^^

Besides that, I really forward to this trip because of Ramadhan. Imagine traveling, walking, taking train/bus for hours without eating and drinking! Breaking fast (buka puasa) in  a foreign land! Money can’t buy experience! 🙂

This time around, I am opening this trip for sponsorship. I would love to carry your name and brands. This includes physical advertising, social media blast and blogging! Do contact me at Cheers!

till then…keep on traveling peeps!