Cuttaloca: Get Free haircut from Profesional in Tokyo, Japan

Who doesn’t like free stuff eh? I am a fan, no shame at admitting that! So when I found that out that I can cut my hair for free in proper salons in Tokyo- I was like “Book me in, NOW”.  I need a major hairdo considering that I’ve been ignoring my look for a year now. A man needs his touch up too you know! 😉

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-024

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-027

So, it’s easy to use the website- just head to CUTTALOCA website and register. You can register with your facebook to make it easy and hassle free. The website is in Japanese though and if you can’t read Japanese, you can always use Google Translate option or ask your Japanese peeps for help. Then all you need to do is browse the hair artist, pick the treatment you need – you can do haircut, dye,perm and the list goes one. They usually have a few time slots after their salon hours. Once you are approved, you can go to any LAWSON conbini or pay with your credit card. I forget to tell you that they have a macthing fee of 500 yen but 500 yen is nothing compared to what you get! 😀

So I was lucky that I was approved by Abe, my hair artist from Apish Aoyama Salon. My appointment was at 9pm and I arrived just in time for my session.  He is so friendly despite  we did not understand each other at all! When I walked in, I found out that to get a haircut at this salon, it would cost me 3000 Yen to 500o yen ( RM 100 to RM 170 / USD 30 to USD 50)! Man. I was lucky.

He started of with shampooing my hair with the products. Oh, it was nice being pampered for a while.

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-001

And with his minimal English and help from other stylist, he asked what I wanted for my hair. I just said make me look good because I had a date the next day. I wanted to impress my date! LOL

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-003

This kid is great. He was so careful about what he cuts and all the style. He kept saying “I make you look cool” and I continuously said yes! The haircut turned out awesome. I look good. Well, I think I did. Haha

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-007

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-010


Just to show you guys how proper and fancy Apish Aoyama Salon is and what you might sorta get if you get a haircut through CUTTALOCA website:

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-015

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-014

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-016

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-017

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-009

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-008


I was thankful that I found out about CUTTALOCA through a friend here in Tokyo, Japan. It was a good experience and now I look like a cute Japanese. Sounds good eh?

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-28 Fotor01004121849

So if you ever find yourself in Tokyo or Japan and in need of haircut- try CUTTALOCA and save on those YENs to shop and eat! This is a great deal for backpackers, budget travelers like us. They need to practice and we need a haircut- sounds like a good deal to me! 😀

Cuttaloca Tokyo Free Haircut Experience-022

Till then, travel safe!

Purikura in Tokyo- The Japanese Photo booth Culture!

This is one of many Japanese stuffs that I have been wanting to do since I arrived in Japan. Purikura or we call it the the photo booth! It’s so famous here among mostly Japanese girls as well as tourists from around the world. This was quite an experience itself and all thanks to my new Japanese friends-I got the best of it all! 😀

Purikura in Tokyo Japan-016

We all met for dinner and supposedly go to karaoke and meet up with the Tinder set up but we backed out because we were scared that these people are like rapist or murderer. It was funny! Partly because it was the first time I met Misaki and Adrian but we clicked instantaneously! So instead of the karaoke we stumbled upon a Club Sega and I was thinking of the Purikura word but couldn’t figure it out, instead

I was like

“Hey, can we do that kawaii girly face picture thingy? I have no idea what’s the name but yeah, I wanna do that!”

and then Adrian was like

“OMG! Yes, lets do Purikura!”

The rest was history.

Purikura in Tokyo Japan-004

Purikura in Tokyo Japan-001
Rent your costume girls!
Purikura Japan
Alba and Misaki, before and after! 😀

So in this Club Sega, girls can rent costumes and dress up while the boys can only see. Well, usually, only girls are into Purikura but hey c’mon, we are Gaijin Tourist, give a break! They even have a sign saying that no single man allowed to do a single man Purikura photoshoot.

Purikura in Tokyo Japan-002
Sexist Purikura place! We men like selfies too! 😛

Me and Adrian decided to  what we call “Gaijin Smash it!” and did our men only Purikura. It was funny because we were scared that they will kicked us out but I guess they were too busy and plus what are they gonna do when we pretend not to understand? 😛

Purikura in Tokyo Japan-009
Trying to look hot, no? 😛

Purikura in Tokyo Japan-005


I know, we were naughty!

We all did a group shot and then Adrian and I did ours. To play the Purikura, all you need to do is go the machine and put in 400 Yen (you need 4 x 100 yen coins), the machine is in Japanese but it’s easy to navigate. After you are done with the photoshoot, you go to the next slot and edit it to your desire. I did all the cute Kawaii Japanese look-alike editing! Then the machine will print out the photos, you will usually get two copies or 4 depending on what you set on the editing machine.

Purikura in Tokyo Japan-003

Purikura in Tokyo Japan-007

Purikura in Tokyo Japan-008

It was fun and I recommend that you do it! It’s a nice and cheap souvenirs to remember Japan. I have some many more stories to write about Japan. I will miss this country when I leave.

Purikura Japan1

Till then, travel safe! 😀

Cheap Eat in Tokyo – Dippalace Ethnic Restaurant, Kameido Tokyo!

I was craving for some really good “mamak” (read- india food is usually called mamak in Malaysia) these past couple days and thanks to my mission to deliver cats from Inawashiro, Fukushima to Shimokitazawa, Tokyo – I have a weekend in Tokyo! So I am currently staying with a friend, Chris whom I met while working with English Adventure (will tell you guys more bout this in next post) last summer. He suggested earlier today that we go for some Indian food for lunch. I was like “Hell yeah Chris!”

Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido-012

It was just a short walk from Kameido station. The place is called Dippalace Ethnic Restaurants. They serve Authentic Indians and Thai cuisines. It’s small restaurant that fits about 20 people. It was relatively busy when I was there. The services was fast.

Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido
Chris and Alba. Am gonna miss them!

Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido-001

Chris had the Pad Thai and Tom Yum Noodle while Alba and I had the Ladies Thali sets that comes with Unlimited Nans and Rice, 2 curries, a piece of Tandoori chicken, a dessert and one drink. I had the seafood and vegetable curry, coconut juice and gave the chicken and milky stuffs to Chris. It was delicious, I mean for an Indian restaurant in Tokyo, it was really good and satisfying. I already plan to have another round before taking the train back to Inawashiro tomorrow.

Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido-007

Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido-006

Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido-005

Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido-004

Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido-009

I tried some of Chris’ order and I was sold, it taste like the one I usually have at home. God, I miss Malaysian food so much! Anyow, all in all, I only spent Y 990 for the Ladies Thali Set with drinks and unlimited rice and nans. Bargain! Anyhow here is a video of us eating!

So what’s special about this place? Besides being one of the cheapest place to eat in Tokyo, during lunch hour you can get the Thali sets with unlimited rice or nans! My advice- load up during lunch time and walk around in Tokyo till the next morning!

Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido-003

Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido-002


Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido-010

If I can share a tip to eat cheaply in Tokyo is to eat during lunch time as many cafes and restaurants in Tokyo offer some great deal for lunch hours compares to dinner. So remember, to eat cheaply in Tokyo eat a lot during lunch hour!

Cheap place to eat tokyo, Dippalace Ethic Restaurant, Kameido-011

Till then, travel safe.

Yosaki Matsuri Festival in Bandai- Atachi, Fukushima, Japan!

Yes, I am currently living in Inawashiro, Fukushima, Japan!

I am volunteering with Japan Cat Network. It is a beautiful small town on the foot of Mt. Bandai.

There are 5 of us volunteers from all around the world. So when we heard about a festival happening in the other town we couldn’t resist but to go!Banda-atachi is a town 3 train stations away from where we live.

Max, Viola and Selina trying to chat up this Japanese woman.
Max, Viola and Selina trying to chat up this Japanese woman.

Max, Selina, Voila and I decided that it is best for us to take the train. I’ve only taken the in-prefacture train once when I was heading to Koriyama for a friend to pick me up to go volunteer at Minamisoma (where the tsunam hit back in 2011). It was night time so I couldn’t see anything. The ride during the day time was amazing, as the train cuts true mountains and valley, it started to look like Switzerland a bit (according to Max, the volunteer from Switzerland).

I couldn’t resist a selfie while munching apple on the train. Delicious!

The festival is called Yosaki Matsuri, it is a dancing competition involving the towns in Fukushima Prefacture. When we arrived, we thought that Yosaki Matsuri was just a festival on one stretch of street.

This group represent Minamisoma, the area the badly hit by the 2011 Japan Tsunami.
So colourful, so beautiful…

We were a little disappointed. But when Viola and I got separated from the rest, we decided to walk around. We saw a huge crowd coming from a direction and decided to check it out. Boyy…aren’t we glad!

People in beautiful costumes.
People in beautiful costumes.

WE FOUND THE FESTIVAL!  Apparently the street earlier was just for them to warm up and showcase their dances. This is where all the major dancing happened as well as the FOOD! I was drooling looking at all the delicious Japanese food.

The Takoyaki was delicious!
I have no idea what it was but it was delicious…

Apparently, these dancers came from all over Fukushima Prefacture, competing in the name of their town. Some even came from outside of Fukushima Prefacture. I believe, this  festival is one of many initiative taken by the government to promote Fukushima as they try to make it safe to live again.

Chocolate coated banana. Yes, the whole banana!
Cute looking buns! haha

Japan is best know for their avant-grande festivals all year round, this festival is not short of amazing although it was simple and small. One thing I love about Japan and Japanese people is how the come together, regardless of their age, gender, big or small to do something together, as one. Their together-ness for something like this is admirable. I had fun observing people while munching on my Miso-smothered-Mackerel Burger by the street.  I ate a lot. But it was all worth it.

Deliciously cute. In fact too cute to eat!
Best burger ever. Miso Mackerel burger! Oishi!
Some grilled fish. Didn’t try it, wasn’t feeling for bonny fish that day. 😛

On the way back to the station we got a bit creative and to wonder around Bandai-atami town since our train wasn’t until late evening. Voila saw an opportunity to capture picture like the Beatles! It was funny, with the traffic and all! 😛

The Japanese version of Beatles pose!

We also found a really nice foot-onsen for us to dip our feet. It was a really nice treat considering we walked the whole day to see the festival. It’s kinda sad too that most of the town is now abandoned due to the radiation. I saw this abandon karaoke shop that has the Philippines’ flag on it, I couldn’t resist but to take photo! I miss The Philippines!

IMG_2477.JPG IMG_2475.JPG IMG_2476.JPG IMG_2480.JPG

It was a day full of exciting dances, delicious food and lucky for us, a nice weather! I’m in for the next festival! 😀

Till then, travel safe.