Oh Yeah, Mabul Island, Semporna, Sabah!

Yes people, I was in Mabul Island, Semporna, Sabah! Flew in via Tawau before taking a bus to the jetty town of Semporna. The bus took about 1.5 hours depending on traffic. It was all green, never in my life seeing a flat green, filled with Palm plantations. Definitely a breathtaking view. I didn’t sleep a bit. Talk about being excited eh? 😀
When I arrived at the jetty, it was already high tide thus the boat ride took about 55 minutes to Seaventures Dive Rig. It should take 25 minutes if it is low tide. I am usually prone to seasickness, so I took my usual novomin. Turned out the sea was perfectly fine!
Yeahh people, I stayed at Seaventures Dive Rig. The only Dive Rig in the world. Where you can just jump of the deck and dive! Plus point is that, it is just 500 metres away from Mabul Island. Yes babyehhhh, the it Mabul Island!
It was not particularly cheap to stay on the dive rig but it was definitely money well spent. I had a twin sharing room with A/C and ensuite toilet!

From this deck, you can just jump into the sea and swim!

It looks like any oil rig except this has no heavy machinery attached to it. My room was 4th floor, and the only way to go up in the staircase. But it all paid off when you see the view from above. Stellar!
Don’t worry about food as they have buffet bbq every single night with amazing arrays of fresh seafood and fish. Oh the Fish! oh those buttery flesh! *drooling*
And not forgetting the awesome band that plays music all night long. Enjoy a drink or two before dancing with you typsy diver friends under the moonlight, with the breeze from the Sulu Sea. 🙂
I had to depart early to catch the Sabah Regatta Lepa Lepa at Semporna. So, below photo was taken at 6 am in the morning! Look how high the sun was! And how excited I was, truth be told, I was the first guy down the lift to the boat. 😛
Just to show you how clear the water is at the dive rig and Mabul Island. Blue! I saw huge fish at night swimming nearby the Seaventures Dives Rig!

It was a great experience to finally stepped my foot on the amazing sea of Sulu and nearby Mabul Island. Definitely an unforgotable experience! I am missing you early morning sunrise. 🙁

More stories on my recent adventure in Sabah (Tawau – Semporna -Sandakan) for the Sabah Regatta Lepa Lepa! Till then, keep on travelling peeps! 😀

*brought to you exclusively by Tourism Malaysia & Sabah Tourism Board*

How the Borneo Backpacking Stories Begin.

If you know me or have been following me, you must have known how I have always wanted to complete my 14 States in Malaysia. Sabah was the only state left on my map. So, when the magazine I contributed to, Gaya Travel ,offered me a chance to fly to Sabah, I jumped in without any hesitation! 
Okay, I know, the first part of my travel in Sabah was very much leisure and ain’t backpacking. But honestly, who would have said NO eh? 😉
The first 4 days was spent with them, enjoying all the activities planned for KCC1M Sabah. What more, I was given my own room at the very VERY prestigious Magelan Sutera Harbour Hotel! My room overlooked the harbour where all these expensive yachts and boats parked. Not to forget how I witnessed the most amazing sunsets ever!
Never in my life that I thought one fine day I would be doing all these activities . From Mari- Mari Culture Village in Inanam, Proboscis Monkey sight-seeing at Beaufort to White water rafting in Kiulu and so many things! I can cut these off my bucket list! 😉 
Learning how to ‘sumpit” the native way!
I think I practically covered most of the places where not many travelers know about yet. Places you guys should go! There are more things to do in Sabah than just Mt. Kinabalu you know…
Having said that, I secretly went to my Creative editor, Shamsul, whom I shared some good time doing “weed” (Kidding!) if I could extend my stay in Sabah. With his approval and my luck, my flight was extended to another week, making my stay in Borneo in total of 11 days! 
Sharing some good time together. No, it’s not weed, I was just pulling your legs! ;p
With that time I had, my backpacking agendas kicked in. I managed to do Mount Kinabalu Park, Kundasang, Desa Milk Farm and guess what? I fulfilled another one of my dream from my super long bucket list; Overland backpacking to Brunei. 
Living life, believing you can do it is within you.
Yes, I made it back and forth safely via road and a little bit of waterway. And not to forget that I came back with almost 20 immigration Stamps on my passport. Priceless! 
How my passport looks like after arriving at Kuala Lurah border of Brunei.
I learned so many things on this journey and yes, good Samaritans still exist. When I thought the world is no longer a safe place to live in, came these wonderful people who shared the journey with me. To M, I know you are reading this, thank you for making me believe in humanity again. 
Certainly, more details coming up in other posts. Till then, you know the drill peeps…keep on traveling! 😀