Overland Thailand : Phi Phi Island.

I has long been overdue, I shall continue my Overland Thailand Backpacking stories after stopping at the last post here.
Phi Phi made famous for its sandy beaches, pristine water and it’s island geographical. It became the talk about the world when the 2004 Tsunami hits this Island, causing unimaginable death and devastation. I became aware of my surrounding after hearing a first- hand story from a victim . When he retold his story, I can vividly imagine the chaos on the beach that I stood at. My prayers goes to you.
Phi Phi to me is a wonderful island that I would love to return one fine day. The alley that I walked, full of farangs (white people) suddenly become no stranger to me. Yes, Phi Phi Island relies heavily on its tourism. But as you walk further down the street, you will see the local people, some survivors of the 2004 Tsunami. Cooking, chit chatting with their neighbours, slaughtering chicken (oh yes, live!) and people selling food to foreigners. 
Things can be a little bit expensive on the island, but come to think of it, they don’t get it produce it here eh? In order to get supplies from the mainland, the either have to take a boat ride about 45 minutes to 1 hour to Ao Nang in Krabi or a boat away from Phuket (Which I believe is even further). 
How expensive can it be? Well, put it this way ; a piece of  roti with nutella is about 20 Baht on mainland, here it can be from 40 Baht to 60 Baht. Food were good when I was there, I had some really good pancake and sweet drinks while watching people at the beach. I also got the halal buffet food provided in the Island Hopping package I took from Boon Rup Travel. 
Being a muslim, I’ve heard/read about the mosque that stood the 200 tsunami when it happened. I went to seek for it and eventually found it behind some rebuild houses and piles of blue giant water tanks. People were friendly there, they gave salam to me knowing that I am Muslim and tried their best to talk to me despite the language barrier. Because of them, I was allowed to also used their bathroom to cleanse myself from all the salt water I got myself into earlier of the day.
If you want something more memorable, may I suggest you to mail yourself and your friends postcards from the island itself? I believe they already know that people wants to do it, they even prepare a special stamp that says Phi Phi Island Post, Thailand. I got my postcards for 5 Baht at Krabi town, postcards were 10 – 20 Baht on the island. 
All in all, it was a great day going for Island Hopping on the Andaman Sea. Phi Phi island being the last island I made the stop was a perfect ending to a perfect day. I think everyone on the boat had a terrific time knowing each other and enjoying the water of Andaman Sea.
I shall return one fine day Phi Phi.  Till Then, keep on traveling peeps! 😀

New header and more backpacking stories coming !

So, some of you came to this blog and found it in such a disarray manner. Too bad, you were in the “construction zone”. I was fiddling with the html and whatnot with my ungodly hands. Yeah, a perfect recipe for disaster. Nonetheless, it’s all coming back together again. Fuhh… 

And am so proud of myself that I self-made my own header! From scratch! The vision came after much disaster beforehand. Not bad actually considering that I only used PhotoScape to do all this. 😉

Okay, enough with the drama of me trying to make this blog looks more “cute” eh? I know that I’ve been hoarding lots and lots of backpacking and traveling stories. I bet some of you might be a little bit confused with all the mixed/jumbled posting. And am still traveling! Wait till you hear about my “6 month Life-Changing-Plan“, you’ll shake your head in disbelief. 😛

Anyhow, about a week ago, my God-Sister Jard finally “converted” into a backpacker. Now she can ditch her trolly-dolly into the river. And the best part is that she did her first backpacking with me!

But wait till you hear the stories of her losing her stuffs while we backpack, I was the one panicking instead! Now, she’s itching to backpack again and maybe I have to padlock her stuffs to her body next time! 

We were actually bound for Chiang Mai but changed plans all the way. We ended up in Krabi then Bangkok, and guess what, Ayuthayya! Epic randomness, well perks being backpacker, you are not constraint to plans. But I have to tell you, this is one probably one of the best backpacking I have ever done. Met lots of amazing and friendly travelers. 

Met this mother and daughter pair from the boat tour in Ayuthayya and we ended up spending some good time having dinner at the night market together.

Oh, this one is special. Why special? He is officially the first stranger I slept with (pun intended). Kidding! We were total strangers and in order to save money, we shared room all the way till Bangkok. And guess what? He followed us back to Malaysia! 

I met Carmen in the same Guesthouse in Ayuthayya, she was borrowing my Lonely Planet and we became friends. She even bought my first “travel laundry kit” so that next time I could roll it out and hang my cloths. 

And then we met Phaisin, my God-Sister’s friend who is an Angel! He treated us like Kings, treated us at a fancy restaurant by the Chao Praya River and drove us till 3 am so that we could see the “Real Bangkok”.  I owe you a big one, come to Kuala Lumpur and I’ll bring you to some really good food here Phaisin. 🙂 
I had a great backpacking to Ayuthayya, Thailand. Will be sharing all those stories and tips soon. Till then…keep on traveling peeps! 😀

LIVE update: Backpacking in progress!

Photo: Currently at Pak-up hostel somewhere in Krabi, Thailand. ;) http://instagr.am/p/NrFXs2Fthn/
We are on a detour from the actually route, taking a break to rest a little and seeing the sea tomorrow! That’s the beauty of backpacking, you are not constraint to plans. ^^
psst: We are in Krabi now and leaving for Bangkok tomorrow to the undecided destination. Till then…keep on traveling peeps! 😀