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Home for Homeless Man Ronnie!

Honestly I don’t even know how to even begin this post actually. 

I stumbled upon Daniel Fernandez’s video on youtube about a homeless guy named Ronnie. I don’t know Ronnie or Daniel personally but through all the video Daniel did of Ronnie, I was touched.  Basically Ronnie has been homeless for a while and Daniel made friend with him while he was doing his usually kindness video. Daniel surprised Ronnie with a birthday gift, you can watch the video here:

It’s Ronnie’s electric smile and Daniel’s kindness that got me writing this post. I know how it felt like to be homeless and lose everything in your life. I’m blessed to get back on my feet and kicking life again! So when I heard that Daniel is fundraising to get Ronnie a house, I was excited and it’s the best thing I’ve read on the internet today. I can’t help much but with just a little donation and this blogpost, hopefully it can help Daniel achieve his 10, 000 Dollars fund for Ronnie’s house! 😀

If you are keen to help, please head to

Everyone in this world deserves a chance in life and if we are able to provide it, give it. It goes around.

Dear Ronnie,
It’s such a blessing to get to know you through Daniel’s video. I’ve been in your situation & I’ve had a lot of Angels like Daniel who helped me becoming who I am today. This is for you, so that you would have a comfortable house. Keep those electric smiles Ronnie, it’s heart-warming!

To Daniel, man, you are such an inspiration. Thank you for allowing us to share your journey. Allowing us to laugh, smile and rejoice in your kindness. You too, keep that smile going & rocking life.


This is for you Ronnie. xoxo

Salam Perantauan? Selamat Hari Raya!

Hey guys, just wanna wish Selamat Hari Raya/ Happy Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers. Have a good one this year yeah? 😉 

So, where am I now? Hah, that’s a secret location! I’m heading back to hometown to celebrate this festive season with my family. Enjoy the holiday and I’ll be back writing once I get a stable internet connection. Till then…keep on traveling and remember, Good luck and travel safe! 😀

I’m the new NatGeo Dangerous Encounters Host!

Hah? See, how’s the new host looking? Good eh? My mission is to bring cuteness into the wilderness! Hi, I’m Rayyan Haries and am your new host! 😉

Haha… amacam, ada muka host tak? hihi…sorry lah, lawak2. Ada ke muka ni nak jadi host? LOL..haha..

Well, sorry for the lost hiatus! Busy working until no time to update my own blog. T_T 
But this post to show that am still alive and yes, this was my latest adventure; my mission out there with Dr Brady Barr ada Zoo Negara. Post about the event coming up soon… I hope. 

Well, take care and travel safe everyone! Keep on traveling, eh young people, Y U NO GO TRAVEL? 😛