Genting Theme Park – (Sky Venture)

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Kabare? Waras? Haha…hari ni kita sambung post Genting Theme Park, Kota Keriangan! Lepas lunch, kitaorang take a lil break sebab the next activity ni bakal mengeluarkan segala isi perut. We all did THE SKY VENTURE! woot2! 

Muka yang kekenyangan teramat. Sorry mejah, I photobomb you.haha
Pengalaman seolah2 anda sedang terjun dari kapal terbang dari ketinggian 29,000Ft! Tanpa parachute lah kan? Haha…yang sedihnya they only accept people with a max weight of 114Kg. I miss out for a few kgs..sobs..sobs… what to do. Jadi official photographer lah! haha…

Korang mesti tak perasan that benda ni ada kat Genting Theme Park kan? It’s a bit secluded, so kena tengok map sikit lah. Actually the entrance ni dekat ngan Pizza Hut jer.

Hah, takpa model saya hari ni kak ruby akan tunjukkan, sila tengok belakang yer adik2..hehe
So, what the heck is Sky Venture kan? 

Genting Sky Venture is a state of the art skydiving wind tunnel that gives ordinary people the chance to feel the thrill and sensation of jumping out of an airplane and freefalling through the sky just like a skydiver. 

You will experience the ultimate skydiving simulator fly in winds up to 193 km/hr in the one and only wind tunnel in Asia!

So, before we want to play this amazing sky-diving simulator, kena lah pakai attire yang proper. Bukak segala jam, rantai, bangles , basically everything hanging on you, silalah bukak. Kang tak pasal2 choking dalam air tunnel tu..ish2..

Sian budak comel ni, berat terlebih setong, ni lah yang dapat dia terbang pon..haha
Ni baru complete, dengan ear plugs and helmet. We are all set to jump! wuhuuuu
Before you enter the wind tunnel, there will be briefing conducted by the expert/trainer. Yang bestnya is that ours is so much fun and funny! Siap buat lawak lagi…salute2! 😀

The 1st group, photographer pon kena pakai proper attire tau! haha.. 
Instructions are easy, benda macam hand gestures, body position, flying positions and etc. So korang takyah takut lah, it’s practically safe and they will adjust the wind speed with your weight. 
Ni cara terbang yang betul2 ye adik2, jangan salah terbang, kang melayang merata2..hehe
Now you are ready to fly and experience flying off gravity! 

Don’t worry, dalam tu ada instructor so korang tak lah fly sorang2. Btw, this is John Ho! 😀
Ni hah lah kakak kesayangan saya, kak ruby, ni time nak fly ala2 helicopter ngan instructor!
You’ll get 2 minutes each to fly. Sounds short kan? But when you are in the tunnel, 2 minutes lama tau. They divided the time to 2, first you’ll be flying solo then you’ll do helicopter motions with the instructor. Ramai yang cakap part yang Heli tu terbaik, seriously terbaik! Check out video kitaorang ni:

You guys mesti ingat nak buat SKY VENTURE ni mahal kan? No lah, it’s actually pretty cheap price to pay to fly like a superman! Check out the price down here:   
 Normal(per person) Wristband Holder Deal(per person)
RM50 RM38

Ride Restrictions
Minimum weight requirement:
Maximum weight requirement: 114kg

For safety reasons, pregnant women and persons with heart, neck or back conditions are not allowed to participate in this ride.

So, tunggu apa lagi2, cepat2 book ticket gi Genting! Best giler dapat fly ala2 Superman! Terbaik!

And jangan lupa, at the end of this series, I have a Giveaway specially for all you readers out there, so, jangan terlepas baca semua series sebab hadiah dia best! Hadiah dia melibatkan korang dengan apa yang aku experience dekat Genting Theme Park!

For further information about Genting Theme Park, you can go here.

For further information about Sky Venture, you can go here.

photo credit: rabiatul adawiyah

Author: Rayyan Haries

A Malaysian boy's journey becoming a man through his journey travelling and volunteering around the world.

12 thoughts on “Genting Theme Park – (Sky Venture)”

  1. hello..1st time here…having fun reading yr blog..:)dah jadik follower pon..
    Been to genting so many times but never ever try this sky venture tingy….

  2. ok… meh i nak baca sket all your entries (errr… few of you entries… all mmg tak masuk opis lerrr..hehehe).

    the last time i went to genting cam 5 yrs ago (awat tak leh bold and increase font kat sini yek….)…gosh! kene gi balik ler nih yek!

    1. lily,

      hehe…baca2 but jgn tak masuk ofis pulak..haha..

      eh, boleh bold2 ke kat comment(need to learn that! :D) yeah, it’s actually a cool place to go! Especially the SKY VENTURE 😉

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