I fell in love while travelling but it’s not what you will expect.

Hello Blogsphere, it has been a while since I log in here and write something. But today, in between hand washing my laundry, and reading the world news my heart tells me to write and share this with all of you.

Over the last four years since I left Malaysia and set on a journey that I never expected to last this long. I never planned to go on this long nor did I planned to do what I do nowadays. But that’s the path the universe has set me on. While the journey has been thoroughly meaningful, I also learned a great deal of lessons through my obstacles, challenges and heartbreaks in these journey. Those moments has helped me grow as person, help me mature and discover the meaning of life; well at least the meaning of life to me personally.

Out of all the things I have experienced over these years calling the world my home, the most prominent experience that has impacted me the most is how I fell in love with so many people and places. I have also fallen out of love but I take that as a jumping stone for me to continue finding love and loving others more.

All my life, I have always equate the idea of me “falling in love” is to me finding my right partner, i.e being in a relationship. But I realized of lately that the idea of falling in love for me has changed significantly. The idea of “Falling in Love” is a lot broader than its traditional romantic connotation. It’s a whole new level of experiences I would say.

Best to say that I have “fallen in love” with so many people.

I have fallen in love with the people I met on my journey, I’ve fallen in love with their love stories and their journey.

I have fallen in love, smitten with their courage to continue living despite the challenges they have to overcome.

I have fallen in love with these people who welcomes me into their circle of friends, their communities and the most precious one, into their families. 

I have fallen in love with people who decides that life is a lot more than just their office cubicles.

I have fallen in love with those who challenges the norm and go above and beyond to make those changes.

Ultimately I have fallen with those kind souls who give everything they have in life for the betterment of others.

My experiences falling in love with these people, it just change the way I see how the world revolves. It redefines my understanding of love, of success and of LIFE.

While my heart still seeks for another person to love me monogamously, I think am at that point of life where I am able to see “falling in love” beyond that traditional concept. Nowadays looking at others’ opportunity at love and affection, it inspires me to keep loving others and myself more and more.

Have you fallen in love lately? 😉

Author: Rayyan Haries

A Malaysian boy's journey becoming a man through his journey travelling and volunteering around the world.

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