I’m getting married?


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I’m currently in my village attending a cousin’s wedding. It is a Malay tradition that all close-family members must come down and help out. I obliged. 🙂

This was during the girl’s side of kenduri. Yeah, can’t let go of my hp. 😛
I was assigned to cook the beef.  There I was standing there stirring the gulai kawah and came this Auntie- I-don’t-know-who trying to converse with me. To be honest, this is the first time ever I was asked about marriage. Literally in front of my face!

No, this is not the lungs of a smoker. It is the cow’s lungs, part of the gulai kawah
The scenario:

Auntie- I-don’t-know-who : So, what are you doing now? Working already?
Me: Yes Auntie. (While stirring the gulai kawah)
Auntie- I-don’t-know-who  : ohh..good2. What do you do? where is that?
Me: I am a writer for a travel magazine in Old Klang Road, KL.
Auntie- I-don’t-know-who : wahh…very young. Good for you.
Auntie- I-don’t-know-who : So, when are you getting married? Any candidate yet? 
Me: erk…nooo.. am still young , I want to travel and yada2 ( I was basically rambling)

there were other women cutting cucumber and whatnot there too.

Woman 1: ohh no candidate yet. How about your daughter? (she was asking this to Auntie- I-don’t-know-who)
Woman 2: Aha, ya.. your daughter has no one yet right? 
Auntie-I-don’t-know-who: Grinning and grinning and smiling. 
Woman 3: hahh kak, Sofea is suitable right? 

Me : Auntie, I need to check on my gulai kawah.  

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That was probably the funniest conversation I’ve ever encountered. Women please, I still play with toys. Do you think am ready to get married?

It’s funny when you are older people start asking about you getting married and all. Hello, why would I want to get married? I still have lots of traveling to do and marriage is just gonna a big NO NO.

Not that I’m saying marriage is bad, it’s matter of preference I guess. Well, get married all you want but for me, naaa no thanks. 😛

So, have you encountered any of these silly situations? 

Till then, keep on traveling peeps! 😀

Author: Rayyan Haries

A Malaysian boy's journey becoming a man through his journey travelling and volunteering around the world.

10 thoughts on “I’m getting married?”

  1. LOL! sengal, i really thought it was the lungs of a smoker as in human smoker XD okay, but it really looks like so..hahah~ aunties, always ask things like that..

    1. hahha…finally u found out the truth! I like this chain thingy…..but yeah it did look like one. felt like i was a medical student when cutting those up…

      these aunties, super blunt. hahaha

  2. it’s completely normal for people to ask you when you’re getting married at a marriage ceremony. I’ve been asked twice; once when i was 18 and last year since both of siblings are married. hence, i can imagine the things that you’ve been through ;p

    i hate that question and the pokerface i have to put on my face 🙂

    1. This is my first time tho! And it was very funnieh and yeah i did put up the pokerface! Hihihi

      It didnt only happen yesterday but today too! I was like u kidding me? Hahaha

      Cant imagine when my sister get married. Ill be pokerface-ing all time! Glad someone share the same sentiment! XD

    1. hahaha….geli statement lu bro! xD

      bayangkan kenduri kahwin berpuluh2 ribu, bayangkan nak bagi anak orang makan, bayangkannnn…adoiii saving pon takda lagi..camna ni? 😛 hahhaa

      p/s: tak rasa sofea tu comel, sebab tgk mak dia,,,OUT! hahahah

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