Mcdonald delivery in less than 10 minutes!

I woke up pretty late today. 
1pm is very late! 
I was so hungry and lazy that I picked up the phone and dialed Mcd’s delivery. 
Ordered 1 large 2 pieces Mcd Chicken and cheese burger.
I know that is a lot! ^^ 
but it’s sunday, spare me so ribs and wings! hehehe
The delivery took less than 10 minutes! 
I was so surprised. 
My food was all crispy and warm. The ice was still there!
For that I salute Mcd Bangsar for their superb service. 🙂

While walking to the front gate since the guy can’t get into my apartment. 
He was very nice! 
So dial 1300-13-1300 for your Mcd delivered to your doorstep! ^^
I love the fact that they put the food in the paper bag. See who’s talking about going green! Salute!
I ate half of the fries while walking back to the room. Couldn’t help myself, I was so hungry! wink2..hehe
All time favourite ; Cheese Burger!
They even wrapped my chicken! Talking about quality! 😉
Oh I’m drooling while writing this. -___-“

p/s: I’m so so tired coz currently I’m in replacement lecture & tutorial ! 8pm to 12am! erghhhh! 

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