My Raya Moments of Closeness with Samsung!


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While everyone else anxiously thinking about what kind of clothing to buy or what kind of cookies to bake. I was wondering if I’m even going to be in the country during this Aidilfitri. As a travel blogger/writer, my schedule is very much unknown; I could be in different places in just days. Believe me; I just got back from a 7 week trip! 😛
So when I came across this video of Samsung Family Portraits: A Story About Hari Raya 2013, I remembered how I used to enjoy being at my hometown and celebrate hari raya. It is like a fiesta like no other, the days before the first day of Raya, we will be busy cooking, cleaning the house. And I still remember being small kid back then, the memories of going around the village collecting dried wood, coconut and leaves for my grandmother.
She would usually go like these (My Opah/grandmother is from Perak hence the slang/accent):
“Kome bior bebenor sikit! Ate aye hambat kome, gi kutip kelapa sana nu!” 
(Excuse me, behave properly or I will smack you! Go pick some coconut for me!”) 
“Aye udohleh tak larat, kome ni menyusohkan, udahler semak bebenor!” 
(I’m not that strong already, you guys like to cause me trouble! Now, see the mess!”) 
I will usually laugh it off; my grandmother can be that funny sometimes. Especially during Hari Raya, when it’s the busiest time for her. She will be going around commanding us to clean and not to make mess. Well, we grandchildren are bound to be a little bit naughty though. Sorry Opah! 😉
Now that am older, I still feel like that little kid creating mess and troubles to her. Since am usually out-of-the-country most of time, I find time to come back to Ipoh and visit her often. Oh well, I like it better her in the village rather than KL. It was just about time when I was in the country that the Ramadhan month started, after contemplating of what to do in KL, I hopped on the next train off to Ipoh and found myself grinning in smile. Opah, I’m home! 😀
Little that I know, she has already planned for me to be the one to help her with finding woods for Lemang by the riverside. Being an avid social media user and with the help of my Samsung S Advance, I found myself taking photos instead of chopping down the woods for her. She was being noisy about it but cracked up laughing instead when I fell by the riverbank while trying to balance myself. Told ya, my Opah can be one big joker sometimes. And thanks to technology from Samsung, memories are now captured and stored in my mobile for me to view at anytime and anywhere.
To me, my Raya Moments of Closeness comes days before the real Hari Raya itself; it’s the preparation, the chaos, the busyness that brings us closer. Like my own experience today, going in the forest like a good-grandchild. Hehe
It was not easy to carry those wood but we bond closer, never in my life seeing my Auntie, Mak Yong, without fear climbed up the tree like Tarzan (Oh yes, like a man!) and coolly chopped the branches of the tree. In the meantime, my Opah kept talking about how good the wood is for Lemang and how no one is back to help with the preparation for Hari Raya. Me being a good-grandchild, obediently listen to her while my hand swiftly chopped the leaves and small branches of the big bark.
Moments like this I wish I’ve had Samsung Galaxy Camera, the one with the cool function to capture and upload instantaneously! So that I could Video her talking about Hari Raya in Full HD and upload it straightaway for my cousins to see it or in other way to tell them; COME BACK SOON, YOUR OPAH IS WAITING!

Oh better still, I want the Samsung Galaxy Camera for this Hari Raya, so that I can capture all the silly faces my cousins make when my open goes on warfare on them when she job-assigned them!I believe that way they would definitely love me better! 😛


To me Hari Raya holds a totally different meaning, it is not about those Duit Raya (Gift Money) or the food but it is all about cherishing the moments of closeness you have with your love ones. Like how I forced my lovely auntie, Mak Yong and my niece, Alya to don their new Hari Raya attires to record this message in the video.
I also realized that this Hari Raya, Samsung is being very generous and if anyone shares their Hari Raya Potret here, you might be rewarded with a Family Movie Treat. With Samsung, Hari Raya will totally be on a whole new level, the moments will be captured and stored for us to look it again and glee in happiness. I think I should upload our photo, not the cliché ones but the one where my auntie on the tree, calmly chopping the wood for Lemang! 😛
So, this Hari Raya, enjoy your time with your love ones! I wish you have a prosperous Hari Raya.Info for those who are not familir with the terms:

Opah: is grandmother in Malay Language
Hari Raya: is Eid Mubarak, where the Muslim celebrates after fasting for one month
Lemang: glutinous rice cooked in bamboo, fragrant and creamy.
Mak Yong: the calling for the oldest auntie in the family. 

Author: Rayyan Haries

A Malaysian boy's journey becoming a man through his journey travelling and volunteering around the world.

17 thoughts on “My Raya Moments of Closeness with Samsung!”

  1. wow.. your opah climb the tree?
    yeah.. good to hear you are good-grandson..
    long time ago, we also made it lemang ourselves, but now, semua MALAS!..
    go buy jelaaa….

    # learning english here while reading your entry.. =)

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