Selangor Shines FAM Tour 2011 – Day 1 !

Being a blogger sure does bring lots of opportunities! Thanks to Tourism Selangor, I was invited to join their trip to all interesting places in Selangor. Some of the places I don’t know eventhough I’m Selangorian! It all started at the Masjid Biru/ the Blue Mosque in Shah Alam.  We were 1st taken to Taman Botani Negara in Shah Alam. Lemme tell you! I love it to the bits though I believe Selangor could do something to improve the place, other than that, it’s simply awesome!

Can you believe it that we have forest in the middle of Shah Alam? Just like Central Park in NY!

It was winter when I was there, they followed the European seasons. 

This is actually one of Selangor water dam. It looks like a lake!

We were then taken to the new Royal Theatre of Selangor. They were having the recording of Maharaja Lawak, and we met some of the comedy performers.  

Do you know that Shah Alam has the best library in  MALAYSIA? It’s brand new and simply awesome! Just like the library that I wanted to go in UK universities. 

Later that night, we were invited to the launching of Tourism Selangor website as well as media appreciation night. I kinda regretting for not eating much! (though I eat a lot.haha)

the later of the night was spent sleeping  hanging out with Hamzah Ian. at Concorde Hotel. To the management of Concorde Hotel, you guys are like 5 stars hotel but you can’t even provide complimentary internet for your guests. Even the USD 5 hotel can provide 24 hours internet. I was asked to pay RM35 to use their wifi service, which in my book is absurd. I was there for less then 24 hours. Anyhow, I think Concorde can do better to attract their customer. 😉

Day 2 was the climax of this trip. will blog soon!

Photos credit to Hamzah, Yana, and Myra

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