The Hong Kong Disneyland Park!


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*OOOOOOOOOOmmmmmgggggg….I can’t believe it that am here!*

So, after the drive from home to the airport, board the flight, immigration and lost in the Hong Kong MTR system, we finally stepped our foot on the Hong Kong Disneyland Park ground!

I have to be honest; I shed some tears when I saw the Mickey Mouse signs and the music that were being played in the park.

We arrived just in time for the Flights of Fantasy Parade. Yes the Flights of Fantasy Parade! Plus we were given our own section with our own tour guide. *They really guard our section* How cool!

When Baby Princess saw the first glimpse of theFlights of Fantasy Parade., her facial expressions were priceless:
“Brotherrrrr, I see it! I see it!”
“Are they coming here? If not I wanna climb on your shoulder” (You serious girl?LOL)
“OMG! Brother, Mickey!” (Her face was glowing, like so funny glowing!haha)
And then the unthinkable happened, baby princess got pulled into the Flights of Fantasy Parade.. She was like “brother you sure I can go?” and I said “Yeahhhh, goooo! LOL” . I guess that made her dream came true to dance and play with the Disney’s Characters.
Please don’t miss the Parade, it is one of the must do things in Hong Kong Disneyland!
After the parade, baby princess told me that she saw “Toy Story Land” in the map and begged me to bring her there first. ( I tell you this girl can read when it comes to cartoon and toys! :P)
She was scared to ride the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, so I obliged. Well, it was her trip , she was the boss! (kasi chance lah) . So we rode on the Slinky Dog Spin, very children but I liked it too! Hhahaha.
Before coming to Hong Kong Disneyland, I already knew that I need to ride on the Jungle River Cruise in the Adventureland. I know baby princess was scared but I kinda laughed seeing her frantic face as we cruise along the river!

I didn’t snap much photo coz I know there were many surprised and I didn’t want to get my camera wet. But I have to tell you, this is one of the best ride! Spooky, slightly creepy and full of surprises!

*pssstt… sit by the side of the boat. SIT THERE* 😉

In the map, I saw the Grizzly Gulch and told myself I wanna do it! The ride is called Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars which to me is perfect for your riders. But I guess having a little sister who don’t want to do the ride, I obliged. (Again) . Well at least she had fun playing the water gun there.
Since it was already late, we when to eat and waited patiently in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle with everyone for the Disney in the Stars Fireworks. Boyyyy I only saw this in the tv and youtube before and now I got to see it in flesh! *sniffles*

After the fireworks show, baby princess asked me if we can go around the The Main Street USA so that she can see some toys.

Well, a big brother can’t say no ah?

After a good night rest (With drama with baby princess, she got too excited she didn’t want to sleep), we continued our fun time at Hong Kong Disneyland.
I don’t know why but the 2nd time we were there, a lot of people were there too. Since both baby princess and I like Buzz Lighter, we headed down to Tomorrowland first! We got our Fastpass and got into the fast track lane and voila we were in Buzz LightyearAstro Blasters! 😀
Btw, that high mark is mine. I shot a jackpot I guess.haha
Before leaving park, we went to The Golden Mickey show at the Storybook Theater. Baby princess was a little bit scared as the dimmed the whole theatre. But she was glowing in smile when the curtain dropped and Mickey & Minnie walked out!
I was smiling too. Who wouldn’t?
I had a great time with my little sister in Hong Kong Disneyland. It was the perfect place for us to bond and create memories, considering how busy we both are (me with my traveling and baby with her school)
It was a good break from our life. You should do it too, check out more of the park information  here.
I think baby princess’ photo here summed up perfectly on what we experienced at Hong Kong Disneyland. Fun, FUN and more FUN! 😀
More stories on my trip to Hong Kong Disneyland soon! Till then, keep on traveling peeps.
*brought to you exclusively by Hong Kong Disneyland*

Author: Rayyan Haries

A Malaysian boy's journey becoming a man through his journey travelling and volunteering around the world.

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