The USD 15 Borobudur Temple, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.


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I heard about Borobudur Temple in a book back when I was in primary school. Since then, I have been wondering how would the real Borobudur Temple would look like. And then it happened, I went to Jogjakarta (some people pronounce it as Yogyakarta) and finally stepped my foot on the Borobudur’s ground.
This is what I saw first and it left me in awe for the rest of my life.
I didn’t expect the whole ground to be that huge. I mean, it’s humongous! I’m sure there is still more buried underneath, considering how Borobudur Temple was discovered. It was covered and buried under the ashes  of Mount Merapi.
Here are some of the history of Borobudur from Lonely Planet:
Rulers of the Sailendra dynasty built Borobudur some time between AD 750 and AD 850. Little else is known about Borobudur’s early history, but the Sailendras must have recruited a huge workforce, as some 60, 000 cubic metres of stone had to be hewn, transported and carved during its construction. The name Borobudur is possibly derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Vihara Buddha Uhr’, which mean ‘Buddhist Monastery on the Hill’.
It almost 9 floors up the staircase of the temple, and under the scorching sun it didn’t help with our DIY tour. Being the noob we are, Dewi and I followed the guidelines to circle the Main Temple clockwise from bottom to top.
Well, at least we stumbled upon so really weird figurines and carvings that don’t seem to fit the whole era of when Borobudur was built. I even saw a figure of a chinese medicine man with his long moustache! (Exactly like those you see on Chinese Soap Opera!)
The most interesting part for me is the remnants of the Stupas on top fo the temple. Some were ruined when the opponents of Suharto ( the regime president of Indonesia) blew the temple. And the amazing view of Jogjakarta!
My sister, Dewi and I planned for this trip long long time ago and we were glad that we made this trip. The charm of Borobudur bond us closer, under the shades of Mt Merapi we became closer than ever. A brother sister adventure! 😀
Well, why USD 15 temple? We tried to walk in as local, well we thought we had the look and the slang. Too bad the officers at the entrance saw my sister’s passport hence we had to pay USD 15 as international visitors. 😛
But that was the best USD 15 I have ever spent for temples. A good one. 🙂
And that’s how I fell in love with Borobudur Temple. Till then, keep on traveling peeps! 😀

Author: Rayyan Haries

A Malaysian boy's journey becoming a man through his journey travelling and volunteering around the world.

12 thoughts on “The USD 15 Borobudur Temple, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.”

    1. hahaha…begitulahh kak, lain kalau akak nak berlakon jadi orang indonesia boleh jer. selalunya boleh tapi passport sorok lh ye.. kalau teruk sgt, suruh budak2 bwk student card. murah sikit..hahah

  1. ingat masa pergi hari tuh konon blakon local lah..berjaya beli tiket local, nak masuk jep kena tahan lak ngan guard..wakakaka…pastu konon2 buat tak paham bila dia mintak id…hahahaha…

  2. Salam Rayyan..nekcik pergi sampai kat counter tu jer..mahaaal sangat and nekcik pun tak minat sangat nak kami syopink kat luar tu..

    1. Salam nekcik, Alaaahaiii tu lah kan ramai ckp macam tu. tapi kami dah nekah mahai pon masuk pi sebab curious nak tgk..hahaha shoppik kat pasar luar tu ehhh hihihi

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