What’s the comfort food you miss while traveling?


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I’m sure everyone of us, the travelers, must have somehow come to a point where we are slightly “home-sick”. My definition of homesick is no other than missing the food that am used to.
I’m kind of person that would eat basically anything (oh yes, I have eaten cow’s testicle please). So when am traveling, am open for any new food. But there are times when it’s raining and you are inside your small cottage by the riverside, it’s cold and you just feel that you need something warm gliding through your throat, that it when it hits me, I miss my home-comfort food.
Since am a Malaysian, I have a few kind of food that kinda warms up my soul and give me the perk-up that I need. Some of these foods might be yucky to some people but here’s a take on what I really miss when am on the road, traveling the world.
1- Tempoyak Masak with Toasted Bread (Cooked fermented Durian with Toast)
Photo credit goes to this talented blogger
I know to some people, Durian is yucky and whatmore fermented. But hear is me here, if Australian could do with their Marmite (I like it though!) and the French with the Blue Cheese, Tempoyak (Fermented Durian)  is something like that. Malaysian mostly eat it with rice but I have this habit of eating it with toast.  I don’t know why but somehow that warm gooey-yellowish-savourish paste with crunchy toast just so delightful.
2- Roti Telur Mata bubuh kicap dengan cili sauce (Bread with Sunny side up with soysauce and chili sauce)
Photo credit goes to this talented blogger
Don’t we all love eggs? I believe I started developing the liking for this bread with egg when I was in University, you know the time when financial wasn’t really good. Over the years, I realize that something simple like this could just make your day a lot better. I have once ordered something like this when I was in Vang Vieng, Laos just because I felt like eating it. Thank God Laos’ soy sauce and chili sauce were almost the same like what we have in Malaysia.
3- A bowl of hand-cut fries with salt ( Yeah, American much! :P)
Photo credit goes to this talented blogger
This maybe is highly influenced by my constant rendezvous of watching American soap opera from my teenage years till now. But can you blame a guy wanting some warm-crunchy potato goodness with some really good salt and tomato sauce (Yes, ketchup is the other name for it)?
I realized this when I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand , I was having a really bad craving for a really good fries that I literally said to my bunkmates, lets forget Thai food today (and that’s coming from an Asian! haha). So after lurking around the big market in town, we found a good pub where my mates could drink some beer while I ordered my ultimate bowl of fries. Boyyy…that was the best fries ever; served pipping hot with side of Sea Salt and tomato sauce! I felt accomplished that night. 😛
So, what’s your comfort food that you miss the most while traveling or backpacking around the world? Some of the friends I made while being on the road said that they simple miss some simple food such as a really good pizza, gelato, fizzy water and many more.
Tell me your comfort food that you crave for while traveling, I would love to read it. You can use the same title as mine – “What’s the comfort food you miss while traveling?” and link it too if you like it. Once you have written your blogpost, lemme know so that I could share on my Facebook, Fanpage and Twitter!  I would love to comment on it too! 😀
Till then, keep on traveling peeps and travel safe.

Author: Rayyan Haries

A Malaysian boy's journey becoming a man through his journey travelling and volunteering around the world.

5 thoughts on “What’s the comfort food you miss while traveling?”

  1. since I am from N9, I have always miss my masak lemak cili padi. Any ingredients will do as long as it is masak lemak cili padi. Remembered when I was in Bangkok and had to take tom yam everyday… it was a torture for me.

    1. Hi aziela,

      Haha.i can totally imagine how badly u miss masak lemak cili padi. I think thailand has something similar but more sourish. Haha

      Tom yum everyday? Thailand has more food lah. Haha :p

  2. Nachos and ceviche! I try everywhere, but never quite the same as Mexico..
    Which has nothing to do with where I actually come from…Just feels like vacation food. 😀

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