Friday, 18 April 2014

Bohol Island Tour :Dude, I saw Dolphins!

It's not everyday someone tap your back and say "Bro, you wanna go see dolphins? I am going out later". That's exactly how I felt when I read my itinerary, I got to go to see this really smart creature. I was sold. My alarm buzzer went off at exactly 5 am, I woke up and finally able to absorb that I am actually in Bohol, in my Premium Beach Front Suite at South Palms Resort Panglao. I am still in the Philippines and was about to go on Bohol Island Hoping! I took my gears, my beach towel and walked to the front desk, ready to embark on my Bohol Island Hopping journey and was told that I got my own boat, yes, all to myself! 

As I walked to the Panglao beautiful white sand beach, I was greated by this beautiful sunrise and starfishes on the floor on the beach. What a start!

The day started with Dolpin Spotting near Balicasang Island. I was so excited because when I was traveling from Ubay to Tangbilaran, all I saw was beautiful sea and it got me thinking, this is perfect place to spot Dolphin! Dream come true and there I was waiting patiently to see one of the most intelligent creature on earth. Then they turned up, swiftly they go as they appeared. It was a beautiful moment to actually spot these Dolphin in their natural habitat instead of the zoo. It happen so fast that I didn't even get to take any photo.

We then docked at Balicasang Island for breakfast and island tour. Balicasang Island is a beautiful island with inhabitant of 80 families. It is the perfect diving spot in Bohol and it's the island where people from all around the world and Philippines come for snorkeling. I also saw several boats of divers. I guess I gotta comeback to dive here.

I am not really good with waters after what happened in Phi Phi Island, Thailand so my tourguide (who really want me to see the underwater world!) decided that I could just hold the stair on the boat and he will push the boat around. Dedication!

It was worth it and I gotta thank this guy, for I have conquered (albeit a little bit) of my fear and got to see some of the most amazing stuffs in my life. The underwater world in Bohol is so much different that what I have seen in anywhere else. I guess it's not too exaggerating too say that Bohol is "One of the places to see before you die".

The day didn't end there, as the boat cruises to the next destination, I sat down and took a nap. The wind brushes my hair and sound of the bottom of the boat collides with the sea water, it gave me some sense  of calmness. This place has a really good relaxing vibes. As the boat approached the next island which is called Virgin Island, I saw the stretch of white sandy beach, floating above the water. No trees, no grass, no building, just the sand on this island. Apparently it's a part of the stretch of Virgin Island (apparently bought by someone so rich in the Philippines, how I wish I own an island!). Whoever owned this paradise is one lucky man!

On Virgin Island, you can eat on the water. Yes, on the water with you feet dangling in the water and school of fishes swim by. It's beautiful, too beautiful too describe.

Thus, you should plan a visit to Bohol, Philippines and experience the Visayas unique geographical and cultures like no other. It's truly more fun in the Philippines! 

Friday, 28 February 2014

Yes Malaysian, I Love Okinawa Japan, You should too!

There is something about Japan that amazes me every time I come across it in the travel magazines or online. But what strikes me most is out of all prefectures; well as much as Tokyo is a must, Okinawa just tops my list. Have you guys seen Okinawa’s beaches?

See, I bet you wanna jump on the next flight out to Okinawa! I’m seconds ahead of you. Okinawa is located in the southern region of Japan, no wonder it is called ‘place of eternal summer’. For people like me who lovesthe ocean, Okinawa is the perfect destination as it’s filled with world class coral reef! Good for diehard fans of diving and perfect for backpackers like me who likes snorkeling. Now where’s my Japanese Nemo?

You guys know how crazy I am about temples and ancient places right? I heard that a long long time ago there was an ancient kingdom in Okinawa call “Ryukyu” and even today, the remnants of this ancient civilization still exists! What’s more, many exotic traditional customs are still practiced by the current generation. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of this unique Okinawan culture?

I just found out while researching for Okinawa that they have created a special Facebook page for us Malaysians! It is loaded with information and pictures that will surely tantalize your eyes. Not only that, they also have a contest running where you could win some of Okinawa’s awesome souvenirs.

It’s so easy to win that I think all of you should join! Firstly, you have to LIKE Visit Be Okinawa Facebook page ( ), then choose three of your favourite Okinawa photos, A winning photo will be announced selected at the end of the contest. If the photo that you chose match the selected pic, then you stand a chance to WIN! Easy isn’t it?

This contest runs from February 10 to March 10 2014. And you will be running, alongside me, to win -

1st prize for 5 persons, “Ryukyu Glass”
2nd prize for 50 persons, “Star Sand”

Isn’t it exciting, who knows in the future, there may be more contests from Okinawa and maybe we will be flown to the amazing island itself? Keep your eyes glued on their Facebook page!

Also, Okinawa will be at the next MATTA Fair and I am going, see you there?
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