4 Great Cuisines to Taste in Langkawi.

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Langkawi, also known as the Jewel of Kedah, is a very strategic tourist destination located in the Andaman Sea, around 30 KMs North West from mainland Malaysia. There are many things that make people come to Langkawi: the beautiful beaches, the awe-inspiring rainforest, and its status as a duty-free area (meaning you won’t have to pay local taxes or duties when shopping). All of that greatness are also complemented by the tasty local foods served in Langkawi.

Of course, the most important question is: what are the best local foods you can find in Langkawi? Here are some formidable candidates:

  1. Tomato Nasi Kandar

Tomato Nasi Kandar is a very popular restaurant in Langkawi, located in Cenang Beach. Serving both Indian and Malay food, Tomato Nasi Kandar is people’s favorite because of it offers great taste for its reasonable price. Most of the dishes here are sold at around 10-15 RM. Their mainstay dish is, as the name suggest, the Tomato Rice so you should definitely try that. Be sure to come early so you won’t have to wait too long though, as the place is always full and crowded.

  1. Artisans Pizza

Artisans Pizza serves the good old pizza you love with the usual topping like pepperoni. They also serve pizzas with interesting twist though: pizza with local toppings like satay or sambal. Those are the ones you should try as they offers a unique taste you can’t find elsewhere. The best thing about Artisans Pizza is that they also offers delivery service so you can order it from your hotel or beach.

  1. Hole in the Wall Floating Restaurant and Fish Farm

Hole in the Wall (HitW) offers two things: a fine traditional Malay dishes and a great panorama to accompany you while you’re eating. Floating on top of Killim River, HitW offers the traditional Malay food like freshly cooked fishes, prawns, and lobsters. The atmosphere here are super relaxing, so it is an ideal place to lay low and have a casual chat with your family.

  1. Casa del Mar

Casa del Mar (Spanish, literally: Home by the Sea) is a classy fine dining restaurant that offers a great dining experience and tasty meals. The main dishes here are mostly modern Western and Asian Cuisines, coupled with a vast variety of wines to choose from. There’s also many good cocktail if wine’s not your drink. There’s also usually an ambient live music played here to make your experience perfect!

All of those food sound yummy to you? Are you tempted to go to Langkawi now? Don’t worry, as a tourist destination, Langkawi is very easy to reach. You can get to Langkawi via their international airport or by boat from Malaysia or Thailand.

Another good news is that there are a lot of cheap Langkawi hotels for you to stay. For example, favehotel Cenang Beach offers a great and cozy room alongside of a bar, laundry service, and Jacuzzi. Another example, Bella Vista Waterfront Resort & Spa provides a good and quiet room with breakfast, touring service, and laundry service. If you want more another options of hotel, you can simply click here!

So, what are you waiting for? Go visit Langkawi and have fun now!

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Paris is SO DANGEROUS. Just don’t visit it!

It’s true when they say Paris is so dangerous,  I was a victim of their heinous crimes too. Now that I think of it, I shouldn’t have even have the thoughts of coming to Paris.

Parisians are RUDE.


Oh they are sooo rude that they stopped drinking their coffee to help this poor traveller looking for Eiffel Tower. They also “rudely” give away a perfect stranger their wifi password for him to contact his friend! How rude is that, right?!

See, rude people exist everywhere, not only Paris. I’ve seen some rude racist people in Japan (yes, a country known for it’s politeness). Also remember that politeness and respect is a two way street, if you expect them you gotta give them.

People will pickpocket and rob yo! 


They will pickpocket your heart and emotions with their gorgeous, handsome looks.  They will rob your views away from the historical building! My advice, just look down and don’t look anywhere else!

It might be true that Paris has its fair share of pickpockets and petty crimes but so does other big cities. The key here is to always be vigilant with your stuff. 🙂 

They will scam you, dry! 



They will scam away all your Euros from you, believe me, they do it with their pastries. You think one is just enough but you kept wanting more and more! The moment you bite into your croissants and pan au chocolate, you willingly give away all your Euros!

To be honest, I did saw one of these scams at the airport today. Ignore, do the  “talk to the hand” gesture and walk away like a diva. Always work. 😛

It smells so BAD! 


It does! Everytime I walked past by a Boulangerie Patisserie, I have to cover my nose because the delicious butterry-sweet-smell of freshly baked pastries and bread will distract me from my really intention! Paris, you should do something about this very very “horrible smell”!

Pee smell is NOT everywhere, you will get more pastries smell though. 

I had a great time in Paris. Maybe I need to give it more to time to truly understand the real Paris but my four days in France was nothing short of amazing. I hope you all read it with a light heart and laugh it out with me.

Thank you Malaysia Airlines for flying me via Paris for me to connect to Greece for The Volunteer Cook Greece. 🙂 

Why I volunteer and keep on volunteering.

To begin with, I never volunteer for fame or to be recognised.



Since starting my journey back in 2013, I’ve had a fair share of hate and slurs. I usually ignore them. Those naysayers, they will never stop no matter what you do or say. But something from a particular someone broke me, literally into pieces. This is never meant to be a post defending what I do or how “godly” I am but maybe it can shed some insight for those who only know me, from the surface.

Volunteering changed my life. I thought I was going to change other people’s life instead it changed mine, for the better. 

Volunteering has allowed me to really understand pain, struggle and appreciation for life. It has humbled me to appreciate every single thing I have in life. It has allowed me to understand life beyond just the need to work, buy and die. I remember arriving in the disaster in Ormoc, working on a site of a family who have nothing else besides the clothes on them YET they have this big, bright smile… reassuring me that things will be better. I remember a lady, with her precious smile told me “Walang pa, sa balai can be rebuild but my family can’t, okay na lang ako that my family are all okay” (loosely translated “It’s okay, I can rebuild my house but I can’t rebuild my family. I’m glad my family is okay.”). That kind of appreciation for life is just priceless. That’s what I learned on my journey being a volunteer. I learned to be less selfish, I learned to share, I learned to open up and I learned to learn about life.

This life, this very moment, I always ask myself “Have I done enough?Have I done enough so others have the hope or comfort to live another day of their life?” I am blessed, I’m writing this in a restaurant after coming back from a random trip to Singapore. Most people don’t even have the chance to see the city they live in.

Life is too short to live it just for yourself. That’s how I view it; how I see what I do nowadays.  The world goes around, believe me. This is my path, this is what I’ve chosen and I’m happy with. I may not have the money all the time, a permanent house to shelter me or a car to drive around but I’m paid in smiles and hugs, I have had many “homes” I’m fortunate enough to take shelter in and I have my two feet to keep walking. I’m blessed. Because I’m blessed I want to give back to the world, nothing else.

I don’t know how much longer I will do this but I will keep doing as long as I have the means to do it. One day….one fine day, on my death bed… I’ll glee in smile for I had live this life to the fullest knowingly that I have done something for myself and others.

“I was here
I lived, I loved
I was here
I did, I’ve done everything that I wanted
And it was more than I thought it would be…”-Beyonce


I apologies if any of my postings have hurt anyone or somehow come off boasting about what I do or it came across as being arrogant, I am human and I err. 
 Support The Volunteer Cook Winter Appeal, donate here : http://gogetfunding.com/urgent-appeal-lesvos-rayyan-needs-you-his-kitchen-needs-setting-up-for-winter/