Sunday, 17 August 2014

Malaysian Travel Blogger Who Inspires Me!

2.5 years, I was just a boy in my early twenties trying to figure out  what to do with my life. I hated my life back then and everyday I spent hours hating it. That was until I found travel blogs, real people with real life stories about their travel life. These blogs help me see life beyond my classrooms, beyond my universities and beyond Malaysia. I have achieved so many things in the past 2.5 years, partly because of them. 

So, this is my list of Malaysian Travel Bloggers who in these past years has inspired me to brake my shell and launched myself. I owe them a heartfelt gratitude for becoming my sensei, my travel guide but most importantly my source of inspiration. I owe you one guys, the next cuppa coffee/tea is on me! :D

BackpackerBusuk( The Smelly Backpacker) - Fatt

I found Fatt's blog when I was in dire need to escape Malaysia after my university kicked me out. I remember reading her blog somehow before but Fatt's blog became my helping hand when I decided just to leave Malaysia to Thailand in February 2012. What I like most about BackpackerBusuk is that how casual her writing style is, how she enjoys travelling. I can totally sense her passion in her writing. 

Being a Malaysian who grew up in a predominantly close-minded society, Fatt to me has broken the stereotype of Malay women for being a solo backpacker. Fatt's passion ignites the passion in every single one of her readers. She might be anonymous to the internet audience still but you can feel how she is letting we all in her private life but still keeping it close intact.  Her writing packs of information, witty and funny with some kickass action leaving you wanting more out of her travel experiences!

That's Fatt, the woman who saved my ass when I decided to leave country for the first time solo with no information whatsoever. I owe you one Fatt, teh tarik on me when I comeback home! :D

p/s: Congrats for conquering Annapura, I'm next! :P

Kembara Anak Muda (A Young Man's Adventure)- Hannan

This guy is epic. 

Imagine letting go a job position; which in Malaysia deemed high-rank-good pay job to travel the world. I remember reading his blog for the first time where he said that he is tired, needing a break and been dreaming to travel. And finally took the decision to quit when his boss decided not to give him the upaid break he needed. Hannan to me is not just another traveller, he is a person who has the courage to do what he believe in and have the courage to make the decision. 

I didn't get to pick my decision, I left Malaysia because I was kicked out from University and obviously I wanted to travel. Whereas Hannan was in between so many things that he has to consider before leaving his job and yet he did it. Hannan's stories brings me to life at times when I feel that I have no idea what future will be like for me. To me, he is like my secret travel angel voice who keeps whispering all these positive thoughts into my ears. In his words:

Following your dream is no guarantee of an easy ride. Life usually becomes more challenging, but you embark on an outer journey which starts the inner journey. You have a chance to blossom – to see who you really are. Doing what you love it’s not a recipe for an easier life, it’s a recipe for an interesting life. It doesn’t matter what type of dream you aim for, either in a form of material or achievement or both, don’t let it die.

His stories of going away to backpack and volunteering was the reason why I flew in to Philippines to help out and now becoming a lifestyle. If you need a kick of inspiration on your face, go to Hannan's blog, am sure you'll be flooded with it. 

p/s: Keep writing Hannan, you are awesome!

You maybe know these blog and maybe you don't. To me, a travel blogger who inspires doesn't have to have millions of followers. What's the point of having millions of followers is your story is dry and whatnot. I wanna read something that could spark something in me, make me smile sheepishly on my own, cry with their emotions and feel the moment as if I am travelling with them. So, to Hannan and Fatt, thank you for making my travelling life fun and momentous, you guys rock!!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Calling Japan my new home.

I have arrived in Tokyo, Japan!

I know, I still can't believe it that I am actually here. Even when I boarded my flight in Manila, I was still unsure about what I am going to do in Japan and the next thing I know, I was already using ¥! My first leg of journey begun from Narita Int Airport, where I had to take a train to Nippori where my friend, Masaya was picking me up. Apparently I took the slowest train that took 74 minutes from Narita to Nippori on the Keio Line! Well it was the cheapest, the fare was ¥1030 compared to the rest that was ¥2470 and above!

See, that is the map of Tokyo, wait till you see the subway map. Good luck to me for not getting lost!
Press to cross the road and the polite Japanese people shall stop their car to allow you to cross. 
So my friend Masaya-san hosted me at his house and while he was away, his mother was so nice to teach me how to cook Somen- a japanese cold noodle that is popular for summer. Not to mention, she even did my laundry and folded it, I was so touch by kindness. It has been a while since I have motherly touch from my own mother. Yes, I miss you mom. :P

The view from my friend's house in Saitama! 
The Kawaii Masaya-san's Omoni (mother)
Somen- a famous cold noodle for summer. 
Masaya also brought me around Tokyo. I was in so much fascination that I couldn't stop smiling all day long. I even, at every junctions, turns and new building we encountered scream out to Masaya that I can't believe that I am in Japan! I was in sheer disbelief seeing the street of Japan like Akihabara, The Asakusa Temple, Tokyo Tower and all. 

Gheezz, I am in Japan! 

The Japanese SkyTree.
He exist! Doreamon exist! My childhood cartoon is everywhere here!
The Keoi Limited Line train from Narita to Nippiro
I think the best thing so far about Japan is being able to experience eating the freshest fish in my life. Masaya brought me to eat various cuts of sashimi fish, raw fish rice toppings, big tuna chunks cut. It a gastronomical treat after basically eating rice and beans for months (I still love you Philippines! :P)

It was so good that Masaya actually captured photo of me crying and in huge disbelief when I was eating my first Japanese Tuna Sashimi. It wasn't fishy at all, it was like eating butter. The fish melted in my mouth allowing me to experience the taster of fish at a whole new level. I adore your fishes Japan! 

Yes, that's me crying eating my first Japanese sashimi. 
Next, next. Excuse me, I am enjoying my fine cut of tuna. 
I adore you. J'adore bian. Saya Suka. Watashiwa Suki Desu!
It is not cheap too but for something so fine like this, Hell this is good money. This cut of tuna is priced at ¥25000 eq to USD250!
We then met up with Ayako-san, all three of us met in Ayuthayya, Thailand about 2.5 years ago. Ayako brought Masaya and I to Ropponggi Hill to eat Okonomiyaki and Monja, a popular Japanese downtown cuisine. It was basically do it yourself savoury pancake with fillings like cabbage, ginger, rotate, octopus and many others. It was an experience itself eating Okonomiyaki, the process down to putting the sauce and the fish flakes was so much fun! I am sure I will be indulging myself with more of this while am here!

See I kid you not, so much fun!
Masaya-san, Akito-san and Rayyan-san! 
I have about 3 months here in Japan and I will start my training for my work tomorrow! More stories to come, keep following me as I discover living in Japan! Till then, travel safe everyone! 
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