Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Life a never ending fight.


Every morning as the clouds make way for the sun,
As the morning takes its turn from the night,
The earth shades it shine to this part of earth,
The fight for life begins yet again for another day.

It's now 8 am,
The traffic is nonetheless equally jam,
pack to the brim,
As if the fight for life
centred in the middle of the city,
The fight now roses up one step higher.

By lunch,
Time for food vendors to make living,
Some starved to make ends meet,
Some spent like no tomorrow,
Some eat quietly in the pantry,
Too shy to be known for bringing ration,
Some pretending to be busy,
for the wallet is empty,
Yet again, the fight for life goes another ladder up. 

It's now 5pm,
For the car owners,
Missed the 4pm clock,
You are now stuck in the traffic lock,
Cursing as if it's a shock,
For the bus takers,
The waiting is endless,
And now the fight for life is another level up.

For mothers and children
and some fortunate people,
10pm is bedtime,
Whereas for the one who sat in traffic,
waited on the bus no near to rapid,
10pm is dinner,
10pm to say love to family,
10pm to make love to love ones,
10pm to connect back to life. 

It's now midnight,
the moon blooms brightly,
the bed is calling,
the pillow is waiting,
As they put their head down,
Their mind ponders a little,
"I have won the fight yet another day",
And the circle of life begins,
if and only if,
I make it alive tomorrow
For Life a never ending fight. 

p/s: It rain and rain and rain and rain. I had to take a refer paper today and if I fail this one again, my life circle is still up nonetheless but my degree life will be frantically OVER. And I have to face the consequences, and by that, a bad one. Well,let it comes by, we just have to face it and make it to the end eh? :) 


  1. how was ur paper?kacang...baru join ur blog atas nasihat cik bunny!i luv ur blog rayyan....


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